Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any hidden costs in addition to MAO’s “finder’s fee” for connecting registered MAO buyers to prospective vendors?

No, MAO’s “finder’s fee” of $4.99 is a one off payment made payable by the vendor upon choosing to connect with a registered MAO buyer. The MAO “finder’s fee” is, however, additionally applicable in instances multiple buyers are matched to the vendor and the vendor chooses to make contact with each buyer (i.e. $4.99 per new buyer contact).

Are there any additional fees, charges, commission etc. upon a successful sale between a registered MAO buyer and vendor?

No, only connection “finder’s fees” are applicable to the vendor.

Does a registered MAO buyer incur any fees at any time?

No, registered MAO buyers incur nil fees during their relationship with MAO in consideration of the services being offered by MAO.

What happens when a MAO “finder’s fee” payment is made by the vendor in exchange for the buyer contact information and the buyer is either uncontactable and/or no longer interested in purchasing a property?

MAO will organise a full refund of the applicable “finder’s fee” payment. However, no refunds will be given in instances the buyer is not comfortable with the property. A reason for buyer discomfort is not required.

“I am listed as a registered MAO buyer on the MAO website, however, I am no longer interested in purchasing a property and as a result, still receiving phone calls from vendors”.

It is the responsibility of the registered MAO buyer to update their profile to ensure they are current. The MAO buyer log in has edit options to enable an adjustment of their current status. As a “housekeeping” mechanism, MAO will automatically send a periodic notification to the buyer confirming their status on a monthly basis to assist with status management.

How is a sale progressed upon a mutual agreement made between a registered MAO buyer and vendor?

MAO recommends to engage each respective solicitor and financial institution to guide the parties through the sale process. This is no different to the standard process for a sale of property.

What makes MAO an exceptional alternative to Real Estate agents and/or On-line agents?

MAO introduces motivated buyers to motivated vendors (as opposed to the traditional vendor to buyer process) complimenting each other’s interests and taking out all the unnecessary mind games. Our business model is additionally designed to save countless thousands of dollars on agent commissions and/or fixed rate fees and is one of the most cost effective buy/sell processes in the country.

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