Terms and Conditions

All registered MAO buyers and vendors must at all times provide MAO with true and accurate information.Should any information be found to be false and/or misleading, registration with MAO will be cancelled and unrenewable.
The minimum amount set by a MAO registered buyer to MAO registered vendors must, at all times, be deemed “reasonable” in relation to the purchase of a residential property. “Reasonable” is considered by MAO as being the approximate “market value” or higher. Subsequently, there is no limit to the amount a MAO buyer wishes to set.

Note: MAO reserves the right to cancel, without notice, any buyer profiles who have been determined by MAO to be in abuse of what constitutes a “reasonable” offer.

• As part of the MAO registration process, successful registrants consent to the storage and sharing of their personal information with MAO for the purpose of communication and marketing. Unregistered parties interested in MAO’s connectivity services are forbidden to communicate with MAO’s list of registered buyers and/or vendors.

• Definitions surrounding a refundable MAO “finder’s fee” in instances the buyer cannot be contacted and/or is no longer in pursuit of a property at the point of initial contact are as follows:


• A genuine attempt was made to make contact i.e. attempts daily, by phone and e-mail, over a minimum 2 week (14 day) period, excluding public holidays.

No longer in pursuit of a property :

• The buyer, at point in time of first communication with the vendor, was no longer interested in making a purchase. No rationale required.

• MAO does not get involved in debates or negotiations stemming from contact made between a registered MAO buyer and vendor.

• Registering with MAO is prohibited in instances a vendor is engaged in an exclusive agreement with an agent or similar representative. A vendor under an exclusive agreement is, however, permitted to register with MAO in the event they have obtained the appropriate consent to sell a property privately.

• MAO is a connecting service, as such, MAO does not take any responsibility with respect to any component of a discussion, negotiation, connected service, pre or post sale process regarding the property of concern or any other object either material or immaterial.

This is a demo store for testing purposes — no orders shall be fulfilled. Dismiss